This is the start of a movement to change politics in the USA from stagnant to dynamic. Nothing will change unless you, your friends, acquaintances, and family resolve to physically travel to Washington D.C. to get our country away from bitter fighting to rapidly resolving issues and implementing We The People (WTP) ideas.

Ralph & Mary Wendt, Ms. WeThe People, Professor WeThe People, and Mr. WeThe People are characters in the videos designed to prime the pump and help get this movement rolling. You can be a part of this ground floor movement. How? You can start with formulating your ideas and solutions to our country’s problems. Then you can get with others to fine tune and share your ideas for when you, with millions converge on D.C. to Take Over Washington Now.

Hopefully these videos will inspire you to realize how you can be an important partner in salvaging our country from this bitter stagnation. This isn’t about your vote that just puts another new person into the same broken system. This is about you actually going to Washington to change a broken and destructive culture.

Your partners in transforming this great United States of America,

Ralph & Mary Wendt